Sunday, 15 October 2017


Hello All,

Today I am sharing my third set of Diwali Cards. I made these on a friend's request. The design is same as my previous year Diwali Card as he wanted these only.

I have used 3 embossing folders - 2 from spellbinders and 1 from Stampin Up to create embossed background. Then distress them with different combos of distress inks. Added gold embossed happy diecut  to add that touch of gold.

I have made 10 cards in different colors -

Sorry for the bad pictures..Cards are brighter than in pics.

Hope you like them

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Diwali Cards 2017

Hello Peeps

This is my second post on Diwali cards for this year. Hope I will be able to share all of them.

These two cards are again quick cards made with simply coloring the embossed background. I have used distress inks for background. The paisley embossing folder is from Spellbinders . Happy stamp is from SSS.
Have used glitter to created border around embossed area. I have made this card in to colors.

Hope you like them :)

Will share rest of the cards in my next post !!!

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Diwali Cards 2017

Hello Friends

Blogging after almost 6 months. I am not into crafting these days. I am really missing visiting your blogs but yes I am following your creations on facebook.

3 years back I made few Diwali Cards and on a friend's request I made few again this year. It was fun to create something after a long time.

I do not posses any Diwali specific stamp or die. So I decided to use Memory Box stencil and a swirl stamp. I have used these stencils in my previous cards too but this time I have added diya n swirls. I think swirl stamp goes well with Diwali theme.I have heat embossed in gold on vellum. I have created my own diya using circle die cut and then adding glitter to it.  The background is created using stencil and distress inks.

I have made 12 cards using two stencils and different colors of distress inks. Here they are -

Entering the last card into -

Paru's Card Making Challenges - Card with touch of gold

Will share few cards in my next post !!!

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Gotta Jewelry

Hello Friends

How you have been ? It's been long I haven't created anything. My tiny jewelry store is taking all my time. BTW I have talked about it in my previous post. My all previous posts were on some or other kind of jewlery. And yes today even I am sharing a necklace set I made on a order.

So I made this jewlery set using gotta sequins and pompoms and other jewelry findings. I liked it and loved making it.

All the supplies are from my store Horizon Jewellery Findings.
Hope you like it !!!
Will share some more gotta jewelry in my next posts !
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Jewelry with Vintaj Patinas

Hello Lovely Friends

Here I am with you yet again with a new and last post of my DT term for The Craft Shop. I am sharing some tips and ideas about a product which I have recently used. I am glad that I got an opportunity to try and experiment with Vintaj Patinas. All thanks to Priya Sivaraj.  If  you are Vintage lover, then this is the right product for you .

What are Vintaj Patinas?

Vintaj® Patinas are opaque inks specially formulated by Ranger to adhere to metal. They create beautiful and durable patina effects (aged look to the metal). It is a kind of Cold Enameling Technique. The Patinas will colorize Natural Brass findings and filigrees, Copper and other metals for gorgeous jewelry and crafting projects.
You can color any metal with Patinas. They dry very fast and give satin finish. They are acid free and UV safe too. They are available as loose bottles as well as in kits of 3.

Vintaj Patinas v/s Alcohol Inks

So Vintaj Patinas colorize metals but one question that you might ask - Alcohol inks too can color metals then why to opt for Vintaj Patinas? Both these products are manufactured by Ranger.

Alcohol inks are acid-free, fast drying and transparent. You can use them on glossy paper, metal, shrink plastic, glass and other slick surfaces.

Vintaj Patina inks are different from alcohol inks in the fact that they are more like paint. They are opaque, whereas alcohol inks are translucent. They are formulated to be used on metals only.

Most amazing thing about these colors is that you can blend them to create new colors. Check this chart provided by Ranger to expand your entire range of vintaj patina colors.

Materials Required –
1.       Patinas of your choice
2.       Non- Stick Craft Mat or something to dispense the color
3.       Paint Brush
4.       Heat Tool (optional)
5.       Paper Towel
6.       Sandpaper or Reliefing Block
7.       Soft Cloth

How to use Vintaj Patinas ?

1.  Shake vigorously the patina bottle until mixing ball rattles and pigments mix

2.  Dispense a small amount of color on a craft sheet. I have used acetate sheet instead. 

3.  Take a paint brush and apply in small amounts on desired metal. You can apply a thick to completely cover the metal or a thin layer to make the metal shine through it. I have used a washer and applied thick coat to cover entirely with color

4.  In this butterfly I have applied color and then immediately blotted with soft cloth to remove color from some parts.You can apply a secondary color for a layered effect.

Original Color of Metal Butterfly

Vintaj Patina Color Used - Fire Opal

5.   If you are using a filigree kind metal with raised areas you can remove patina using sandpaper. Just rub the sandpaper very gently over raised areas to highlight them.

6. To add durability to the patina finish, heat the entire piece with a heat tool. Allow to completely cool before handling

7.  Lastly to keep the patinas from rubbing off onto clothing or from general wear seal it. You can use Glaze by Vintaj. It’s a metal sealer. Or use spray sealants such as a clear acrylic sealer by Mod Podge or any other brand

I made a vintage pendant and earring, colored using Vintaj Patinas

Here I have applied green opal patina on some raised parts of butterfly then removed bit color by rubbing with a soft cloth immediately. The eyepins are colored with the same color.

In this owl I have applied thick coat of color on few parts and a thin layer on remaining part to highlight the metal

So this wraps my last post. Hope you like it. Do try this amazing product.
And if you have query drop a comment.
Thanks for visiting.

Happy Crafting !!!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Horizon Jewellery Finding's First Birthday

Hello Peeps

It's been very long I have neglected my blog, didn't visited friends blog, not even crafted except for my DT work. Believe me I missed all this. This post is all about what I was doing for last one year.

I am a jewelry lover from beginning. I also did diploma in Jewelry Designing but somehow couldn't pursue it as a career. Because of my love for jewelry when I started crafting in 2011 one of my first post was on paper bead jewelry. At that time not many people used to make it as compared to today. I also sent jewelry pieces for ICR's first exhibition. And in between crafting tried my hands on paper jhumkas, beaded earrings , anklets and stuff like that. So this my short story on my jewelry love (not complete though)

I always had a dream of having my own store of jewelry supplies. So last year I decided to go after my dreams. And I opened an online shop for jewelry and findings - Horizon Jewellery Findings. It kept me busy and I didn't got time for crafting. I haven't shared about my little store here yet. It's been year now and today is my store's First Birthday. So I thought to share this with my crafters friends today. Would love if you visit my store. Here's the link -  Horizon Jewellery Findings

Thank You so much for taking time and visiting my blog !!!
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