Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My Handmade Cards

Hi All,

I love making iris cards.They are so easy to make and result is amazing.
Today i am posting some iris cards which i made two months ago for a friend. Add some comments so that i can improve my work.
Thanks for Visiting !!!

This card has some Quilling. I am new to it but still tried my hand on it.Hope to do it better next time.

This is my first iris card. I made this card a year back.


  1. hey nice cards!!whenever u write a post write more abt the card and what went to making the card and some incidents coinciding with card making.. increases readers interest.. pls turn off the word verification, instead u can moderate.. saves time for commenters..!! all the very best in blogland!

  2. great cards!! pls turn off word verification..saves time for commenters.. write more abt the cards,what went in making them and a few day to day works/feelings , when u write the post..All the best in blogland!!

  3. Thank you so much Priya for your suggestions and helping me out .I will improvise on them.

  4. Hi.. pretty cards..I love the heart card

  5. These cards are very beautiful and meaningful. So pretty and I love the heart card. Almost the heart card is simply stunning love it.


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